#9 Brizfest – a field and a fence

What makes a festival?
I thought it had something to do with celebration, wonderment, communion.
Actually, it requires:

  •  a fence (preferably more than one, arranged concentrically)
  • a field
  • more than one stage
  • a bar (doesn’t really matter how many/how well set up)- once people are inside the festival, they will queue for as long as it takes and pay whatever you want to charge
  • lots of recycling facilities for people not to use
  • some music
It’s been a while since I last posted something, and I feel I should write something more penetrating than moaning about Brizfest-
Beardyman was impressive, Sheelanagig  have the klesme/dub/folk/ceilidh whirl, yet quickly fade to background noise (Is it just me, or is a band comprised of just excellent, co-ordinated and polished musicians boring?)
                                   – But, it wasn’t great.
What I did learn/appreciate was that dire situations in life are almost completely surmounted when accompanied with a wonderful person.
A wonderful person could feasibly be anyone that has:
  • a ready laugh
  • a unique mind
  • a healthy amount of cynicism combined with enough optimism/faith in humanity not to despair (e.g. at the crapness of Brizfest)
  • an eye for opportunities of escape
Marriage is one way we can try to ensure we have a wonderful person on hand to get through the drudgery of existence.
Divorce is what happens when you discover that your wonderful person has become just someone else in the same queue as you.
Good friends do not suffer this problem of expiry.
If the wonderful person happens to be beautiful, then that is a small miracle.

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